Enrage or Engage

May 31, 2020

Many are upset, angered, or disappointed at the disruptive scenes that are playing out in almost every American city. Over the last two weeks, we watched the death of two Americans that should not have happened. Regardless of where you are on this issue, you are either enraged or disappointed against either side. As Pastor T.D. Jakes said, “this is not a black or white issue…it’s a right or wrong issue.” Many are struggling to find something that they can do to make the country better. The best thing that we all can do is get engaged in mentoring. Mentoring accomplishes two things: First, it gives you and opportunity to reach across the the small gap that separates our differences and mentor someone that could benefit from your knowledge and wisdom. Secondly, mentoring gives you an opportunity to learn about a culture or generation that you know very little about. Whether you are black, white, yellow, red , or brown, there is something about you that someone else would love to either learn or they may be willing to educate you on. Don’t just get mad and disengage from the discourse….get mentored and be engaged in finding a solution.

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