How to Improve Employee/Member Engagement with a Smartphone

July 7, 2019

Creativity is doing something that’s never been done before. Innovation is doing what’s been done before but doing it differently. Thirty2give, LLC has developed a tool that may not meet the definition of creative, but it definitely meets the definition of innovation by combining mentoring/advising, employee engagement, and the smart phone.

Mentoring has been around since the beginning of time. Even Jesus’ 18 months with his 12 disciples was a form of mentoring and the approach hasn’t changed since. Employee engagement may not have been around as long as mentoring, but most people would agree that its core definition remains the same – themes around how satisfied employees are with their work and the pride they have with their employer (Vance, SHRM 2006). According to Gallup, the 13% engagement indicates that there is a worldwide crisis with employee engagement. The first cell phone was created in 1973 by Motorola. Today, the planet has more cell phones than it has people and 78% of the phones are smartphones. It’s not a problem, but a growing fact is that people use their smartphones more than their computers to connect to social platforms and other sites on the internet.

Thirty2give, LLC has developed an innovative smartphone app for companies that are interested in improving their productivity by encouraging them to engage with each other in mentoring or advising relationships. It’s safe, secure, and cost-effective way to raise employee engagement metric and improve productivity.

How does it work?

After agreeing to lease the app for their exclusive use, employees download their company branded app from Google Play or Apple App store. An HR rep or administrator is appointed and will assign employees to mentoring tree. A mentoring tree is a fixed number of employees led by a member of management that serves as a proctor or facilitator of conversations in a dedicated group chat room. Employees are free to ask questions and get advice from each other and can also schedule one on one chats with the tree leader. Communications can occur either in asynchronous or synchronous forms. Through the use of emojis submitted by users, administrators can gauge employee engagement on an individual basis, on a tree basis, or on the basis of the entire program almost on demand.

What Type of Company Can Benefit?

The Thirty2give app is a perfect tool for any sized company but works best for companies that have a presence in multiple geographies where employees are not exposed to the main office other employees. Not only does the app benefit companies and their employees, but it will also work for organizations that have many members across a large geographical footprint. These include but are not limited to churches, education, self-recovery programs, and many others.

How to Get More Information?

If you’d like to see a demo of the app or get more information, please contact us at info@thirty2give.


1. Vance, R.J. (2006).Employee Engagement and Commitment. SHRM Foundation Effective Practice Guideline. SHRM Foundation, Alexandria, Va.

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