I Still Believe

July 28, 2019

This morning, while running late for work, I decided to stop at Starbucks in Allentown to grab a cup of hot chocolate and a warm slice of banana nut bread. The car in front of me had just two passengers so I thought I’d be through the drive through in no time at all. Five minutes later, I’m still waiting on the driver ahead of me to get his order. Getting a little agitated, I exhaled and thought about the meeting I’d arrive to late. Finally, he left and I raced to the window with my ten dollar bill ready to pay my $6.78 tab. The cashier said “your bill comes to $1.78 and the gentlemen in front of you paid $5 off your tab and said to wish you a great day.” I was stunned. His kindness erased completely my agitation. As she handed me my change, I peeled off a $5 and told her to apply it to the person behind me with the encouragement to “have a great day and to keep spreading the kindness to the person behind them.” I don’t know if anyone broke the chain or not, but it was a great reminder that the best way to thank someone is to reach back and pay it forward.

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