The Chase

December 30, 2019

Reflecting on several decades of goal setting across 7 industries, 14 positions for profit and non profit organizations…I’ve come to realize that the most important aspect of chasing a dream is the not the fulfillment of the dream….it’s the chase itself. Don’t get me wrong, the rush of standing on atop of a tall mountain is unmatched, but the reality is that it will come and go very quickly. Achieving two degrees was a mountaintop experience, but the attainment only lasted for about one hour. Unlike the fulfillment of the dream, the climb toward can take weeks, months, and even years. While the peak may have only one emotion, the climb is loaded. There are moments of joys, tears, frustrations, fears, and many others that seem to make forever to pass. Whatever the dream, you have convinced yourself that the chase and its capture will be worth it someday. You’ll go to bed thinking about it and you’ll walk up thinking about it. It’s the reason that you get up an 4am in the morning, it’s the reason your cram study while working two jobs, and it’s the reason while you have pushed yourself to physical and mental limits. It’s all about the dream – at least that’s what you keep telling yourself. If you are committed, given time you have a great chance of catching that which you chase. However, remember that arriving at your dream is important, but it’s the chase that you’ll treasure the most.

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