Work like it’s a form of worship

November 15, 2020

In 1993, Nigerian born Hakeem Olajuwon had an incredible season in the NBA. He was named the league Most Valuable Player, Defensive Player of the Year and Most Valuable Player of the Finals…all in one season. His comments after receiving the awards were memorable. “My gift to play is a gif from God and how I play the game is my way of saying thank you.” Wow, what a life statement.”

The exclamation got me to thinking about my own life – “what if I approached my profession or my work in the same manner – that my work talent is a gift from God and how I perform in my job is my way of saying thank you.” Would my performance improve? Would my life improve?” Virtually, Hakeem’s achievements mentored me at a time that I needed guidance most.

I went on and became a site/general manager of five large manufacturing sites, led technical organizations in more than 40 countries. Looking back at the achievements, I agree with Hakeem that my skills are gifts from God and the achievements came as result of treating my performance in the roles as a way to say “thank you.” I never met Hakeem, but his act of worship mentored me and made a positive difference.

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