You were meant to do something great

August 3, 2020

Think about this for a second. You are at the end of your life and you are standing before your Creator. You are told that you will have one minute to answer one question…What did you do great in your life that helped make the world a better place? In 60 seconds will you think about the many little things you did or the few great things? Here is something to think about….you were made to do great things. The problem is that you may have let other people , other institutions, and other things convince you that greatness is not within you. You were meant to do great things. You may start with small things but stay on them. Every achievement should promote you to something harder and more challenging. Even if you fail, don’t quit. Try again. You were meant to do great things and today is a great day to start. See you at the top.

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