WHAT IS Thirty2give?

thirty2give is a smartphone app that facilitates formal and informal pairing of mentors and mentees anywhere in the world. thirty2give's new smartphone mentoring tool is now available for iPhones at the Apple App store and Android phones through Google Play.  It solves the growing math problem of matching mentors and mentees globally.  We believe that great mentors are not great because of their degrees, they are great because of their experiences. 

Follow the link http://ow.ly/s6kN30iLUIO fo

Who will benefit most from thirty2give?

12 Step Recovery Program Organizations

  • Alcohol Anonymous
  • Gambling Anonymous
  • Sexual Addiction Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous 
  • and many others

Secondary/Higher Education Institutions

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Private and Public Secondary Schools

Social Service/Civic Organizations

  • Counselor driven organizations
  • Caseworker/Client organizations
  • Non profit organizations with medium to large memberships
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Churches and more

Non Government and Government Organizations

  • Medium to small domestic or international companies seeking to increase employee engagement
  • Large multinational firms seeking to engage it's global employees.
  • Government employees


Anyone with a smartphone can find a mentor anywhere based on their specific need. 

Mentoring Advice

Made or Born?

While DNA may play a role in our character, a good portion has to do with you and the choices you make. It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, Black or White, American or Chinese....we are not born with our values, we adopt them. People that are successful readily admit that it was a mentor that unlocked this amazing door to life achievements for them. You can adopt new values now. Join up with Each One Teach One Virtual Mentoring and change your life today. 

Life is lived on an Incline

A wise mentor once revealed this truism...it is impossible for anyone to remain in a steady state in life. You will either make a conscious choice to improve or decline. Each One Teach One Virtual Mentoring represents a conscious choice to reach back to help someone improve their lives or it is a choice to accept help from someone to improve our lives...either way, it represents a conscious decision we make to be a better person. You have nothing to lose...try it today. 

What would you ask if you had a 1:1 audience with someone that was already doing what you dream of doing? Stay tuned because soon you will have the opportunity. 

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Apple App Store or Google Play Access

Click on the following link to download the Android version:


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Click on the following link to download the iPhone version: 


https://websites.godaddy.com/48967963-829b-46f9-a5b7-3100a980d108" width="60"/>


"Very interesting concept. I connected with an international mentor that was an expert in healthcare and I was able to tap into the mentor's experience and get answers to something that I had been chasing for months"

                                    - Hopeful1

"I am a global professional nearing the end of my career and I've been contemplating dabbling in an academic teaching role. I was able to find a university professor who mentored me and helped me articulate plan to make the transition."

                                    - leader1

"Unlike FB, the sessions with my mentee are personal and confidential. I don't know my mentees color, gender, or real name forcing me to be objective and unbiased in our conversations. I am 100% focused on his/her talent only."  

                                  - newseason18

Enterprise B2B Model

The enterprise model is perfect for organizations seeking to deploy a mentoring model that encourages employees to seek out mentors or be available to guide other employees. The thirty2give app can be used to set up "Mentoring Trees" with groups of employees or pairs can enter into one on one relationships. Connections can be made either using the employee name or username. 

Private and Secure

The B2B model can be used for social organizations such as youth groups, churches, fraternities, sororities, and many other community related groups. This version is closed to the general public and members are only admitted after being vetted by an administrator from the organization.   


Q: "Why anonymity?"

A:  Only 36M Baby Boomers are left in the US workplace and 76M Millennials are in the workplace, many seeking mentors. Limited access and the shortfall, mentors are forced to be highly selective in who they choose to mentor.  Unconscious bias and other factors inadvertently make it even more challenging to secure a mentor. Anonymity levels the playing field giving more people a fair shot at aligning with a mentor. The other benefit of anonymity is that people that normally avoid exposure because of the situation ( celebrities, politicians, disabled, etc) but have a desire to give back can share their knowledge in a safe environment.  

Q: Mentorship occurs over a period of time as the relationship matures, how is this possible when the relationship is only for 30 days? 

A: The relationship between a mentor and mentee can lasts as long as the two parties choose. The sessions are broken up into the 30 day cycles so both can reassess the effectiveness of the relationship. They can can stop at anytime, but the 30 days is a preselected moment to look at the relationship.

Q: Are the mentors vetted? 

A: No, thirty2give does not vet mentors or mentees but it is completely safe. Emails and personal information are not shared. Should an issue arise, users can report it to the app administrator. Again, if a user feel uneasy or uncomfortable with their aligned partner, they can end the relationship at any time.  


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