Counseling Services

Counseling Services

Counseling is an activity that is normally done by either a trained professional or a person with qualified life experience in a particular area. The outcome of the counseling process is usually an outward demonstration of beneficial change to the person being counseled.

Historically, the counseling sessions occurred face to face. The social distancing resulted by the pandemic has changed the counseling model. People are socially distant – they live and work remote and apart from others.

Mobile Modality Counseling Advantages

  • Group sessions can be monitored by a trained moderator that can remove and minimize threats to participants.
  • The engagement can develop and foster strong alliances and relationships.
  • Individual and group chat sessions may help a client feel comfortable about making face to face office visits with a counselor.
  • They are ideal for people that live in rural areas and do not have transportation.
  • They bring people together that may be confined to their homes.
  • They offer an environment of anonymity and create a safe zone for people to disclose deep and personal feelings .

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