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Only 36M Baby Boomers are left in the US workplace and 76M Millennials are in the workplace, many seeking mentors. Because of limited access and the shortfall, mentors are forced to be highly selective in who they choose to mentor. Unconscious bias and other factors inadvertently make it even more challenging to secure a mentor. Anonymity levels the playing field giving more people a fair shot at aligning with a mentor. The other benefit of anonymity is that people that normally avoid exposure because of the situation (celebrities, politicians, disabled, etc.) but have a desire to give back can share their knowledge in a safe environment.

The relationship between a mentor and mentee can last as long as the two parties choose. The sessions are broken up into 30 days cycles so both can reassess the effectiveness of the relationship. They can stop at any time, but 30 days is a preselected moment to look at the relationship.

No, thirty2give does not vet mentors or mentees but it is completely safe. Emails and personal information are not shared. Should an issue arise, users can report it to the app administrator. Again, if a user feel uneasy or uncomfortable with their aligned partner, they can end the relationship at any time.

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