Mentoring Tips

Made or Born?

While DNA may play a role in our character, a good portion has to do with you and the choices you make. It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, Black or White, American or Chinese....we are not born with our values, we adopt them. People that are successful readily admit that it was a mentor that unlocked this amazing door to life achievements for them. You can adopt new values now. Join up with Thirty2give Virtual Mentoring app and change your life today.

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Life is lived on an Incline

A wise mentor once revealed this is impossible for anyone to remain in a steady state in life. You will either make a conscious choice to improve or decline.Thirty2give Virtual Mentoring represents a conscious choice to reach back to help someone improve their lives or it is a choice to accept help from someone to improve our lives...either way, it represents a conscious decision we make to be a better person. You have nothing to lose...try it today.

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