Thirty2give: A Virtual Engagement Platform

The Thirty2give app is an excellent virtual tool to reach out and create a virtual mentoring/coaching relationship. These relationships can be in the form of 1:1 sessions or mutual support groups called Mentoring Trees. The veil of anonymity encourages an efficient transfer of knowledge and support and can be lifted within a safe environment such as a sponsoring health system or corporate entity.

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Fight Social Isolation

Social isolation is the experience of being separated from others. It may result from being physically separated from others, such as when a person lives in a remote area or because of being emotionally shunned from a community.

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Mentoring relationships are crucial for individuals who are underrepresented in academia, including individuals who identify as minorities. Mentoring can help these groups succeed, stay motivated, and feel supported in their academic journey. It also helps prevent them from dropping out of school and increase their chances of achieving academic success.

Having a diverse group of mentors is especially helpful because it supports long-term career goals and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in academia. Mentors provide valuable professional support, guidance, information, and advice, and serve as role models for success in their field.

Both hierarchical and peer mentoring has been shown to positively impact traditional indicators of college student success such as average GPA, credits earned, and retention (Campbell & Campbell, 2007, pp. 137, 143; Colvin & Ashman, 2010, p. 128). In addition, researchers have established that both approaches facilitate new students’ adjustment to campus (Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005; Ruthkosky & Castano, 2007) and increase students’ satisfaction with their universities (Tenenbaum, Crosby, & Gliner, 2001, p. 326; Ferrari, 2004, p. 303).

There is growing literature in higher education that discusses the potential benefits of integrating alumni more closely within the university community. These benefits include access to resources through philanthropy or industry collaboration, marketing and promotion of the university, and alumni’s potential to help students to support graduate employability (Ebert, Axelsson, & Harbor, 2015; Heckman & Guskey, 1998; Pearson, 1999).

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Judicial Support

Providing offenders with holistic support and engagement which will help reduce recidivism and offer a transition to a stronger, better and healthier individual.

Finding a friendly voice

Facilitates the partnering of youth offenders with friendly counselors and promotes engagement in between intervention meetings.

Avoiding Trigger Events/People

Offenders are able to avoid events and people that trigger susceptibility to negative triggers.

Group Therapy Model

The model that worked for 50 years is reshaped by allowing youth offenders to connect with judicial, law, church, social services staff and others through an app.

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Counseling Services

Counseling is an activity that is normally done by either a trained professional or a person with qualified life experience in a particular area. The outcome of the counseling process is usually an outward demonstration of beneficial change to the person being counseled.

Historically, the counseling sessions occurred face to face. The social distancing resulted by the pandemic has changed the counseling model. People are socially distant – they live and work remote and apart from others

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Know More About B2B

Improve your engagement with our virtual engagement app and increase connectivity whether you are a small to medium business, educational institution or a non-profit organization with remote employees.

Relationship Terms
NO IT resources required
iOS or Android
Connect globally
Model flexibility
Connect seamlessly
You control access
Eliminates Unconscious Bias
Remote Engagement 24/7 365
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The B2C Model

Everyone loves it!

Wandra Neal-Cain
Founder President, WCA Interior Designs, LLC

I've been an entrepreneur for the last 25 years and much of my success came from the counseled advice of many people that shared their wisdom and knowledge with me in face to face mentoring sessions. Much of my business is done now online or through my cell phone. The Thirty2give mobile engagement model fits my lifestyle well - its uniqueness and fingertip ... Read More readiness may encourage many other people that look like me to assemble calculated risks to pursue their dreams. Read Less

Kim Malone
CEO and Founder Reality Check by Kim

The Thirty2give team has been instrumental in helping my business reach new markets with their B2B app. I have 20 years of experience in the judicial sector and believe this App can be used to proactively address offenders, victims and their families. Read Less

Mark Jackson
Business Advisory Board

As a member of my undergraduate university’s College of Business Advisory Board, I was asked to lead the effort of identify an effective tool for student mentoring. The focus was to find a tool that was consistent with how students both interacted and communicated in their daily relationships and would integrate into our alumni mentor program structure. ... Read More While our search for the right tool surveyed several solutions, we finally settled on Thirty2gives’ unique approach and App. Both the process and tool are flexible and effective in managing the complexity of mentoring in today’s challenging environment. Throughout this process, the Thirty2give team has also been fantastic to work with. They quickly addressed issues unique to our usage approach, which were identified in our proof-of-concept evaluation pilot. They also have provided both council and direct facilitation for training and implementation of the program. While the university continues to prepare for the program’s full rollout and implementation, we now have a tool that will serve both our students and their alumni mentors well, now and into the future. I fully recommend Thirty2give as a 5 Star mentoring App! Read Less

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