The Seven Benefits of Having a Mentor

March 13, 2023

No one in history has every succeeded on their own. If you look close, you’ll always find someone in the background that pointed the way or gave directional advice. That someone was a mentor. According to Greek mythology, the term mentor came from the tale of King Odysseus who left his son Telemachus in the guiding hands of a guardian that was aptly named “Mentor.” During my 40 professional years, I’ve learned of the seven valuable benefits delivered by mentoring relationships and they are as follows:

1. Valuable knowledge and expertise: A mentor can offer insights and expertise, helping you to develop new
skills and knowledge that can enhance your career or life prospects.
2. Improved confidence: Having a mentor who believes in you and supports your goals will boost your confidence,
allowing you to take on new challenges and responsibilities.
3. Expanded network: A mentor can introduce you to new contacts and help you expand your professional network,
potentially opening up new career opportunities.
4. Guidance and feedback: A mentor can provide constructive feedback on your work and offer guidance on how to
improve, helping you to develop your skills and reach your goals.
5. Learned experiences: A mentor has likely experienced similar challenges and obstacles in their career, and
can offer advice and insights on how to overcome them.
6. Enhanced leadership skills: A mentor can help you develop your leadership skills and provide guidance on how
to lead and manage people and problems effectively.
7. New opportunities: A mentor may have knowledge of job openings, projects, or other opportunities that align
with your career goals, and can help you to pursue them.

The Thirty2give Virtual Mentoring app is a great venue to search and find a mentor that can start you on the path to the achieving the seven benefits. You can query by expertise, industry, or even country. There is someone somewhere in the world that is perfect mentoring match for you…all you have to do is activate a search for them using the Thirty2give app. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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